Weekend Works

We Think, We Create, We Spread.

We Brew Products

which are scalable and profitable..

We use technology as a backbone to make products and implement systems which are unique and useful.

Weekend Works is a group of enthusiastic individuals who work to bring useful change in the society with the help of technology as much as possible.

Mamun Srizon

Our Projects


JunkArt is a service which helps you to sell your scrap in an organized manner. We buy recyclable waste scrap material from you like newspaper, books, paper, iron, plastic aluminum etc.


Fleetyx is a cloud based fleet management system. The system provides internal & external analytics for single as well as fleet of vehicles. Get the best out of your fleet with Fleetyx.


TreatEasy helps patients to find the best doctors in Delhi and book appointments with them - Online & Free. Find doctors by their specialty, Location or by Affiliated Hospitals. The service also allows to have a centralized access to Doctors, Pathology labs.

Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Niraj Gupta

Marketing Man

Highly enthusiastic and having a keen interest in marketing Niraj is the CMO of weekend works. Niraj is a graduate of Delhi University(SRCC) & has a slope towards stock market as well. Having an ability to make his point clear Niraj is best suited for the role.

Prashant Kumar

Tech Guy

If there is a question of technology then Prashant is the answer. The intense Programmer/Coder is highly knowledgeable in his domain and loves to learn and experiment. No other thing can make him happy other than his work.

Shailendra Singh

Tech Guy

There are many scenarios in the real work where nothing other than just experience counts. Having a good experience in technology background Shailendra is able to make good decisions and implement them accordingly. Being a good listner and being proactive in situations Shailendra is able to take the team to new heights.

Shubham Shah


The one & only thing that defines Shubham is his work. This commerce graduate is highly dedicated towards his work and tries to perform it as good as possible. Open to learn new things & change/shorten the process accordingly makes Shubham best suited for the Operational Role.